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Hall of Fame

HOF Inductee: Bianca

I have known Bianca for a long time, she is a tall sexy woman standing 5' 9 with long slender size 9 feet.

She made a big splash with the long toe lovers, she has nice full nail beds and soft wrinkly soles.

I often complimented her on her polish or a sexy pair of shoes or sandals she would be wearing when one day she said "I don't get pedicures as often as I would like to"

Well that is when I offered my pedicure services and massage services!

I asked in exchange for the pedicures if she wouldn't mind modelling some shoes for me when I was done and she gladly agreed!

I met with her 3 or 4 times before she moved out west.

She had very soft flexible feet which I always complimented her on while giving her, her post pedicure massage!

HOF Inductee: Kandy

I first met Kandy back in 2007 and was immediately mesmerized by her stunning size 5 1/2's...soft soles, delicious toes and a look and personality that just personified sexiness! She lit up when she was in front of the camera, and she was always up for changing her look to reflect her mood!

She had stated that she was made aware how sexy her feet were and the control she could have over men when she noticed a contractor doing work at her house constantly starring at her feet when she was barefoot! Well she went with it and had fun and learned how to be a tease very quickly!

I worked with Kandy for just over 2 years and she did open her very own site 'Kandytoes' which she became an instant hit in the foot fetish community. I had the honor introducing her to many new things and yes had the chance to par take in some foot worship, unreal!! She really enjoys her own feet!

As it happens more often than not jealous boyfriends seem to be the demise of many popular foot models and yes Kandy fell victim to that same scenerio herself. I do keep in touch with Kandy to see how she is from time to time and i am happy to report that she has two wonderful children and is very busy with raising her family.

HOF Inductee: Lee

Lee was a very good friend of a girl I dated for quite a few years back in high school, you know, the friend with the hot feet! lol

Well turns out many years after high school we kept in touch and met for coffee's and such. I finally had to pay her a compliment and tell her how much I'd love to have her model shoes for me!

She said "Really! you think I have cute enough feet!?"

Well as you can tell the rest is is history!

She did her own pedicures and I never did get the chance to massage her feet as they were VERY ticklish!

Lee is a wide 7 1/2 and has impeccable toes and nail beds.

She settled down a couple years ago got married and has started a family.

HOF Inductee: Mocha

Where to begin with how I met her and how she became Mocha!

Well, Mocha and I used to work together and basically started chatting at the photocopier...yes I said it, at the photocopier! lol

I had always heard that Indian girls took very good care of their feet and one day my curiosity was answered without asking a single question! It was one of the first really warm days in the spring and I stopped by her desk and she was wearing sandals...and what a sight to behold!

I commented right away about breaking out the sandals on the first warm day of spring, I also commented on her polish color (which I still remember to this day) a red wine color! and! and! a toe ring!

Do you know what her response was!?

"Thanks, but I hate feet!"

We had a back and forth conversation (in which I showered her with compliments) and made it a daily thing to compliment her. Early in the summer months I asked her if she would be interested in modelling some of her indian dresses and she gladly agreed.

When we met after work she had brought a couple pairs of sexy heels with her and asked which I preferred! The door opened and I told her which one's and also asked if I could do some shots of her heels too, she said "are you sure? I just slapped this nail polish on" I offered my pedicure services in which she said she just may take me up on that!

Well she asked a little while later and I she got her first true pedicure and she fell in love with them! I proposed pedicures for pics of her modelling shoes and what not and she said no problem! She never quite understood the facination I had with her feet, and couldn't see how other people would think her feet were beautiful still to this day!

Mocha is a size 8, long shapely toes, nice full nail beds and some of the softest soles I ever had the pleasure of massaging. I lost touch with her a few years back when both our lives got busy but managed to re-connect with her and still talk to her from time to time and am working on getting her to model again!

Wish me luck!

HOF Inductee: Tammy

Tammy and I go back over 20yrs time flies! I met Tammy in high school, it was grade 10 and I was sitting on the floor in front of my locker on the first day of school going over my class schedule when I see her sweet feet in a pair of leather sandals walking towards me and go to a locker 2 or 3 down from me! I looked up and said "hey" and she smiled back and replied "hi" and asked how my schedule was...we actually ended up in Law class together and I must say that was the best class! I managed to sit one seat back and one row over to to be able to stare at her sweet feet!

As the year went on I started my photography class and that is what opened the door to my foot photography adventures! I asked Tammy if she would mind modelling her feet for me as I wanted to do some 'artistic' style pictures for my term assignment and THAT was the beginning of 20 plus years of photographing Tammy! I called her 'Sweet Feet' from then on and it did come out through conversation that I had a foot fetish and let me tell you, she teased the hell out of me in classes and yes we did get together for a ton of photo sessions for my own collection and introduced her to the world of foot worship and the power her feet could have over guys and how to generally have an appreciation for her own feet!

Tammy is a size 8, has lovely proportioned toes and nice full nail beds. If you notice which many have, her pinky toe has a nice full nail bed too! She has developed a fondness for her own feet and likes to show off her fresh pedi's. She just doesn't wear toe rings for shoots, she likes to wear them all year round too.

Tammy decided to concentrate a little more on her home and family life for the time being, but has not stated that she has officially retired!

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